The exercise mantra to beat all mantras

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have found THE exercise mantra! I have broken the I-just-don’t-have-the-time-or-the-place excuse into a zillion pieces.

Here’s a little background
I used to be svelte and slender, now I am svelte and pear-shaped. Sceptics may protest that svelte and pears are mutually exclusive.

I beg to differ and I offer two arguments in my favor:


Word counts that work

This week I’m going to talk about word counts and what they could mean to you as a reader and as a writer.

What word count can mean to a reader:
How long is this story? Do I really want to read such a short/long story? Some like it long – they feel cheated by shorts and novellas; others want to get through a book in one night, or on the train ride home, so they shudder at epic word counts.

For authors, though, word counts can mean two things:


Dying to know less!

Before I joined medical college I was as experimental as the best of them. I ate chaat at roadside stalls, drank banta-wala lemon, and didn’t notice if the mithai-wala had dirt under his nails. And I was none the worse for it. Never did a twinge trouble my non-medical mind or body.


Spotlight: ‘I Am the 10th’ by D.R. Downer

Spotlight: “I Am the 10th”
D. R. Downer is a writer, author, editor, and a ghostwriter. He has penned more than 37 books so far, 16 of which have been published under his own name, with the rest being ghostwriting projects. Although he has written books in varied genres, his favourite genre is mystery and suspense and he has already published 5 books in the same.