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Surviving Valentine month

Mushy month is upon us!

I love sentimental stuff, and I love romance – perhaps more than most women – but there’s soon going to be a surfeit of it.

It will be all around us, all pervading, all nauseating – we may want to break free.


The exercise mantra to beat all mantras

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have found THE exercise mantra! I have broken the I-just-don’t-have-the-time-or-the-place excuse into a zillion pieces.

Here’s a little background
I used to be svelte and slender, now I am svelte and pear-shaped. Sceptics may protest that svelte and pears are mutually exclusive.

I beg to differ and I offer two arguments in my favor:


Dying to know less!

Before I joined medical college I was as experimental as the best of them. I ate chaat at roadside stalls, drank banta-wala lemon, and didn’t notice if the mithai-wala had dirt under his nails. And I was none the worse for it. Never did a twinge trouble my non-medical mind or body.


Coming soon – Take One Fake Fiancé

Originally published as “Scorched by His Fire” by Harlequin India, 2014

Take One Fake Fiancé is a refurbished, revamped, remodelled, updated version of Scorched and will soon be available on Kindle so please watch this space!


Blast from the Past: Liebster Award Nomination

Liebster Award Nomination

Thank you Devika Fernando for nominating my website for this interesting award. Its lovely to see bloggers promote bloggers!

If you want to know what ‘Liebster’ stands for, well, it is a German word, and you can read more about it in Lorraine Reguly’s post. She has also posted a lot of very fascinating history about the award – well worth a read!

Broadly, the rules are:

1. Link back and thank the blogger who nominated you in your post.
2. List 11 facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
4. Pick 5 – 10 new bloggers (each must have less than 300 followers) to nominate and ask them 11 new questions. Do not re-nominate the blogger that nominated you.
5. Go to each new blogger’s site and inform them of their nomination.

We have the choice to accept this nomination, and continue it by paying it forward. Of course, we can also politely decline it.


Why doctors are eminently suited to writing fiction

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Anton Chekov, and Somerset Maugham.
More recently – Khaled Hosseini, Atul Gawande, and Abraham Verghese.

History bears testimony to the fact that revered physicians have been great writers.
Mythology, too, tells of Apollo, Athene and others, who were gods of medicine and of poetry.

Is it a happy accident?
Decidedly NOT, say Tony Miksanek, Andrea Crawford, and David Hellerstein.
Physician writers themselves, they believe that the two abilities, writing fiction and practicing medicine, are inextricably linked.