Blast from the past: Meet Mita from “Take One Fake Fiancé” – the book is featured on @Author_Devika’s blog

Mita is the spirited lead in ‘Take One Fake Fiancé’

Here she is on the cover of the book trying not to succumb to Tanay Devkumar’s considerable charm…

‘I won’t do it, Mama.’ Mita glared at her mother through eyes as black as thunder clouds. ‘You’ll have to be the one to tell Uncle Raja. I refuse to speak to your interfering brother.’

She fled the room before her mother could get a word in, and left behind a faint bouquet of jasmine, a strong whiff of displeasure, and a distraught mother. The front door banged loudly, its old timber creaking in protest at such ill-treatment and Radhika sank into the nearest chair.

Would her only child shun marriage forever? It wasn’t fair to blame Mita’s father, Deepak, but if he hadn’t died so young, his daughter would have had a firm hand to tame her temper.

Flouncing off like that, when all my brother wants is for her to meet up with a boy from a nice family.

Sighing deeply, Radhika waited, knowing that her daughter would be back to apologize for her tantrum. She was too hot-headed for her own good, but her heart was in the right place. In that she was just like her father…

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