When two worlds collide – leading ladies from two of my books meet and fun ensues

Eavesdrop on this lively conversation between my protagonists – Mita from ‘Take One Fake Fiancé’ and Mohini from ‘No Escape from Love’.


Featuring Mita and Tanay


Featuring Mohini and Aalok


Excuse me, but I think I know you from somewhere…’

Oh,’ Mita looks up from the Lehenga she’s admiring and shakes her head politely. ‘I don’t know – I would remember if we’d met before.’

She would – the girl standing to one side and gazing at her with perplexed curiosity has a face that would definitely launch a thousand ships. Difficult to forget – and then there’s her hair – gorgeous and dark and cascading all the way to her waist.

The girl laughs, a deep, full-throated laugh, and it makes Mita smile in response. ‘What’s so funny?’ she asks, unable to take offense at the lovely creature. ‘I’m Mita, by the way.’

Mohini,’ the other girl says, and they shake hands awkwardly considering that Mita has a couple of lehengas in one hand and Mohini has a whole bunch of colorful silk outfits over an arm.

Sorry – I didn’t mean to laugh but I just remembered where I might have seen you – weren’t you at the Sheraton in Delhi last month?’

I was,’ Mita responds, piqued but still unable to place Mohini.

I was there, too, on my honeymoon,’ Mohini says, blushing sweetly. ‘You were having an argument with a rather dashing man about something if I remember correctly. We were passing by and we happened to overhear some of it…’

Oh lord, yes. I was forever at war with him – he was the most aggravating man I had ever met.’

We had the suite next to yours, incidentally, and your room happened to be on our way to the elevators. Aalok – that’s my husband – and I, we had no choice but to walk past your door.’

Mita grimaces. ‘Was I awful? I hope I didn’t scare you into asking for a change of rooms?’

No, no,’ Mohini giggles. ‘What’s interesting is that one minute you were mad and the next you were kissing him as if there was no tomorrow.’

Oh no! You saw that?’

Well, your door was wide open…and…’ Mohini frowns. ‘I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it.’

No, not at all,’ Mita grins. ‘If it’s any consolation to you, I’m now married to that man, although I loathed him then.’

Aw, how romantic.’

It is,’ Mita smiles. ‘Listen, Mohini, I’ve promised to meet Tanay for a drink before dinner. Why don’t you join us? Bring your Aalok – we’d love to get to know both of you.’

Sure. Does Pinkish the pub suit? We could be there at seven.’

Sounds good,’ Mita says. ‘Sounds very good.’

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