#Contest alert #ROMANCE – Meet Danvir, gallant physician from ‘Satin and Sapphire’, & win a Kindle copy of the book

Who is Danvir?
Danvir is a physician with a traumatic past – harrowing events cause him to lose, one by one, all of the things that bring meaning to his life.

Who is that gorgeous girl on the cover with him?
Oh that? That’s Latika Anand – she’s going to turn up quite by accident in the little village of Asar Kalan where Danvir practices family medicine, and is going to throw everything off kilter for him, just you wait and see.

How do you mean?
Well, here’s a little snippet from Satin and Sapphire to make things clearer:

I looked around for my handbag, then recollected that I had searched earlier but hadn’t been able to find any of my bags.

‘I don’t know where my luggage is,’ I said, unable to keep the panic out of my voice. ‘I’ve looked everywhere.’ I sounded shrill, but this was a moment that called for shrillness. Nobody on this earth knew where I was, and that included me. Where the hell was Asar Kalan? What must Aunty be going through with me presumed missing?

The good doc, perhaps accustomed to recognizing signs of panic, made his way over to me and wrapped a large, firm hand around one of my elbows.

‘Here, Latika’ he said, leading me to a low stool and making sure I sat down on it before he let go of me. ‘Your phone was dead. We couldn’t find a charger that fit. We didn’t know whom to call.’

‘That means you know where my stuff is?’

Doc Danvir sighed, then pointed to the darkest corner of the room and said, ‘Every piece of your luggage is accounted for. We’re experiencing a power cut right now which is why it’s darker than usual. Your bags are all here, don’t worry.’

I nodded. Then I jumped when he hunkered down to semi-squat in front of me. When he wrapped warm, nimble fingers around my wrist, my pulse also jumped, but he made no sign he’d noticed. A minute later, apparently satisfied that my heart wasn’t about to give out on me, he rose and walked over to my bags. Carrying them quite effortlessly to the center of the room, and placing them where I could see them, he returned to my side.

So, great, they fall in love and everything’s going to be hunky-dory?
Nope. You see, Latika is already considerably bruised after a break up that was as unexpected as it was callous. Understandably then, she has no intentions of getting smitten again – even by someone as exceedingly attractive and as fascinating as Danvir. Besides, she’s about to be thrown into an even more precarious situation where her life will be in danger. These concurrent debacles will convince her to deny the attraction she feels for the bighearted physician and to, instead, return to her roots and tackle old demons. She’s, thus, going to break Danvir’s heart.

And then? What happens next? Do they get together again or is that it? Is this a happy-ever-after or isn’t it?
There are two ways for you to find out how it ends:

1. Satin and Sapphire is available on Amazon, and is free to download if you have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

2. ALSO…there’re TWO copies of Satin and Sapphire (kindle edition) up for grabs (only for readers in India – we sadly can’t gift copies (as yet) to readers in other countries).

For a chance to win a kindle copy of the book, leave me a comment on the following:
What do you think Latika should do? Stay on and figure out if she has a future with the dashing Danvir Singh Sandhu, or go back and fix what’s broken in her past?

Two creative responses will be picked at the end of the month and an ebook will be mailed to each winner.

Get started, folks. Only a fortnight to go!

12 thoughts on “#Contest alert #ROMANCE – Meet Danvir, gallant physician from ‘Satin and Sapphire’, & win a Kindle copy of the book

  1. W murry

    Go back home and think with a clear head to find out if it is just a passing infatuation or more than that.

  2. Sapna Bhog

    If the past has hurt her so much then she shouldn’t look back especially when there’s a handsome hunk with also a big heart available 🙂
    She needs to take a chance at happiness again.

  3. Devika Fernando

    What’s past is past. I vote for her to deal with the handsome hunk in her present and make him part of her future. 😉

    1. Reet Singh

      Thanks, Devika, your suggestion takes care of the past, the present, and the future! Latika, are you listening?

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