Mum’s the word – today and always

This gorgeous woman is my mom. She deserves the world, but a poem will have to do for now. Because – #PhysicalDistancing.

Also, the world is in disarray right now, so we’ll wait and see if – when this ends – it’s worth gifting to a beloved mother.

Here’s the poem:

Learning at your knee
has set us up for a lifetime…
We’re richer in self worth and in great values
because you role modeled them for us;
You set standards so high,
we’re still climbing to get there,
but we know the view, the flavor, the tranquility
will be fair reward for the striving…

Just as you did everyday for us…
Strove to give us the kind of life people can only dream of –
Happy, contented childhoods we had,
Reading, inventing, creating, playing…
Learning to make do, but also
knowing better than to settle for less;
Learning to be strong, but also
knowing when to bend just enough so that one didn’t break;
Learning to love and value and honor,
but knowing when to let go.

We learned it at your knee, Ma,
and we dream of being a little bit more like you with every day that passes
because your legacy is one worth inheriting.
We love you for who you are and what you’ve done,
and we’re grateful to be able to call you Ma.

Happy Mother’s Day.
Happy Every Single Day!

From the three of us:

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