60 years and counting!

A happy-60th-wedding-anniversary wish for my parents!

Whether there are seven lives
or two
please find each other
in every one of them
and then pluck from
the stars again
the three of us
just like you did
in this lifetime.

Why would we NOT
want this to go on?
Why would we ever
want to change
the parents who gave
life to our dreams
and who made us strong,
who made us true?

You set an example
the two of you
and we can only ever try
to be as positive
and compassionate
as you instinctively know
how to be
as you lovingly nurture
and encourage
us to be our very best.

The world may crumble,
governments falter
and fail;
but you keep on
shining the light,
leading from the front,
and urging us
to keep up
with all that is
good, and right, and beautiful.

And that, darling parents,
is why
– in seven lifetimes or more –
we’d want to
inherit the earth
that you have walked on!

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