Spotlight: ‘My Love, a Liar’ by Ruchi Singh


The Blurb

They never had anything in common and tolerated each other for their best friendssake. Thrown together due to circumstances beyond their control, Cupid strikes.

Aditi is a modern girl working in Delhi brought up in a sheltered atmosphere with high traditional family values.

Rahul is a free thinker with no regard or patience for archaic social norms.

Will Rahul be able to break the barrier of Aditis social conditioning? Will he go to any length to convince her of his philosophy?

Can Aditi hope to make Rahul believe in happily-ever-after? Will she risk losing her independence for a person who cannot give her any emotional security?

An Excerpt

There he was, standing tall with aviators shielding him from the bright sun filtering through the glass wall near the gates. She had purposely asked him to meet after security was done, thereby reducing the possibility of someone spotting them together. Her heart swelled with pride when she saw other women checking him out as he waved at her, but his attention was focused only on her. Her pulse accelerated and a warm flush rose on her face.

All set?” Rahul smiled as she came closer and she knew everything would be alright. He took her cabin bag from her and shepherded her towards the boarding gates—the hand on her waist proprietary and reassuring.

He had done the web-check in, so their seats were together.

Tomorrow, when we reach, we are going to see the dolphins, then there is a cultural program at the resort in the evening.” He handed her the program that he had customized for them. His perfume swirled around her, making her giddy and a bit shy.

Sounds wonderful.” She took the sheet of paper and pretended to read.

The next two days, we have a packed schedule that includes parasailing and snorkeling.”

Awesome.” She took a deep breath and buried her head in the in-flight magazine. Why was she conscious? That night with Priya and Abhimanyu, she was extremely comfortable with him. That night, she was confident about asserting her independence, but today, everything had changed. They were together and they were alone.

What’s so interesting in the magazine?” he asked after a few minutes.

They have this article on Jodhpur, it’s so picturesque.” She tilted the magazine and showed him the page.

Shall we fix Jodhpur as our next destination?”

Next destination!’ Her head jerked towards him. It was a mistake. He had leaned towards her to look at the article. His chin was at a hair’s breadth from her lips. Involuntarily, her gaze went to his lips.

You shouldn’t do that, Addy,” he whispered.


Excite me.”

But I haven’t done anything,” she muttered dropping her gaze to the magazine.

I know you haven’t, not literally. But I’ll admit, you are the only one who can make my pulse go high just by giving me that look.”

I don’t give you looks,” she said and bit her cheek to hide the pleasure at his admission.

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About the author


Author of the bestselling romantic thriller The Bodyguard, Ruchi Singh is an IT professional turned novelist. Her other published novels are Take 2and ‘Jugnu (Firefly)’. Winner of TOI Write India Season 1, Ruchi has also published short stories under Hearts and Hotsseries, besides being a contributing author to many anthologies.

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