Blast from the Past: Liebster Award Nomination

May 2014


Thank you Devika Fernando for nominating my website for this interesting award. It is lovely to see bloggers promote bloggers!

If you want to know what ‘Liebster’ stands for, well, it is a German word, and you can read more about it in Lorraine Reguly’s post. She has also posted a lot of very fascinating history about the award – well worth a read!

Broadly, the rules are:

1.  Link back and thank the blogger who nominated you in your post.
2.  List 11 facts about yourself.
3.  Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
4.  Pick 5 – 10 new bloggers (each must have less than 300 followers) to nominate and ask them 11 new questions. Do not re-nominate the blogger that nominated you.
5.  Go to each new blogger’s site and inform them of their nomination.

We have the choice to accept this nomination, and continue it by paying it forward. Of course, we can also politely decline it.


Since I have already completed item one, I choose to accept the nomination, and carry on to item two…..

Eleven facts about myself

  1. I am an army kid; I have a zillion relatives in the army

  2. Reet Singh is not my real name

  3. I love making pretty things using wool and a crochet hook

  4. I am taller than the average Indian woman, standing at five feet ten

  5. I learned to make the most awesome kumquat marmalade; I have been trying to grow my own kumquats, but have only recently succeeded – after decades of difficulty!

  6. I hate traveling – which means that if you meet me at a World Book Fair, I hope you will appreciate that I made a huge effort!
  7. I dream about fitness regimes – just dream!

  8. I have a passion for furniture, and shoes, and bags

  9. I had hateful acne as a teen

  10. I enjoy an occasional fruit juice and vodka, or fruit juice and rum

  11. I sing songs that I learned on the radio eons ago – songs by Tahira Syed and Noorjehan, to name a few fantabulous voices.

Eleven things that Devika wants me to talk about

  1. Three secrets that I have never told anyone.
    a. I want to retire from my day job
    b. I would like to move from my current city – for good and all
    c. I want to teach middle school maths

  2. If I won the lottery, what would be the first thing I would do?
    I would buy a home in Goa or Pondicherry, so I could fulfill secrets a and b, at least.

  3. Looking over the last ten years, what is one goal I have achieved and one that I have not achieved?
    I have become a published writer, but I haven’t been able to acquire a toned body!

  4. What are my plans for retirement? And will I travel, if so where and why?
    I shall read and write, and read and write, and travel only as far as my new home in Goa or Pondicherry

  5. Favorite drink on a Friday night?
    Red or white wine, failing which spiked fruit juice

  6. What do I think the secret is to a good marriage or relationship with a significant other is?
    Courtesy, consideration, communication, compromise

  7. Name three words that describe my personality.
    Hot-headed, industrious, flippant

  8. Home-cooked meal or take-out?
    Home cooked, preferably by some one else!

  9. When was the last time I blogged and what was the topic?
    Eleven days ago: Answered a million questions about myself on Jaideep Khanduja’s page –

  10. What do I think the key is to happiness?
    Health, seeing good in others, being optimistic

  11. Who is my favorite poet and why?
    Leonard Cohen, because he uses beautifully simplistic devices, and then sings his poems in the sexiest voice!

Questions asked by Reet Singh
Ditto same as the eleven that Devika asked me…

My Liebster Award nominations are:
Harsh Warrdhan

The other four have begged to be excused!

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