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Make the world Cover (2)

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Madly in love with her batch-mate from medical school, Kavya is shocked to find him morphing into a suspicious, paranoid man two years into their marriage. Does the birth of their daughter, Mithu, have anything to do with it? When Nitin, her beloved husband, refuses to seek help, Kavya does the unthinkable – she runs away with her infant daughter.

Will Nitin find them, and if he does, will there be hell to pay?


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I’m so excited to announce this short, dark tale that explores how the mind and its machinations can cause serious problems for the people involved. I wrote this years ago and found it lying in a folder in my laptop. Here’s hoping you enjoy it – do let me know in the comments below….but also leave a review on Amazon and on Goodreads.

Happy reading!

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