Satin and Sapphire

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Danger meets delight in Asar Kalan!

Dr Danvir Sandhu has been dealt a cruel hand – his house of cards comes tumbling down when he loses, one by one, all the things that bring meaning to his life. He has barely found equilibrium when a serendipitous event brings Latika Anand into his orbit, and he struggles to stay aloof even as his heart yearns for a future with the maddeningly enticing fashion designer.

Considerably bruised after a break up that is as unexpected as it is callous, Latika is thrown into an even more precarious situation that threatens her life. Both experiences convince her to return to her roots and tackle old demons even if it means denying the attraction she feels for a certain utterly fascinating physician.

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Here’s an excerpt

‘You did what?’

I moved the phone so that it was a foot away from my ear. Rammi was the kindest person, but she could be shrill when she was peeved. Right now she was very, very peeved.

‘Rammi, it’s not a big deal. I’m only going over next weekend for the cultural mela. The doc will flaunt me as his fiancee and that’ll be the end of it.’

My friend made a sound that was decidedly skeptical and I rushed in to reassure her some more.

‘Bibi said that the Sarpanch is aware of the problem and is trying to get Radha married off as quick as he can. A boy is coming to see her, Rammi. She’s dancing the gidda at the mela and the young man is sure to be smitten. She’s graceful, apparently, even though she has such unfortunate manners.’

‘Why do you have to get into it, Latika? Why not keep your graceful nose out of their sordid affair?’

‘It’s not sordid and it’s not an affair – besides, I’m just returning a favor. The doc was very kind to me, and Bibi is a darling.’

Actually, the doc was also quite a darling, but I didn’t want to bring that up otherwise Rammi would fume even more – and she’d drop everything to zoom down and save me from another rash decision.

‘It’s on your head, Latika. Go if you must, but don’t do anything stupid. Oh, wait! Going off to the village is already entirely stupid, so it can only get worse…’


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  1. Ravi BediRavi Bedi

    I gave a review on three times on this book but it is not showing at all. Just can’t understand why they are sleeping on this while the one I gave on another book appeared in less than 15 minutes!

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