Flashback in Fiction

What is a flashback?
It is a scene narrated in the present timeline but it pertains to something that happened in the past – something that took place before the current story starts.
A flashback refers to an event so compelling and powerful that it sits in the character’s memory – and it has contributed to make the character who she is.
How can you tell if your story needs a flashback?


Adding a dash of humor to your writing

This is an old one where I talk about adding humor to your writing.

I can’t write a blog on humor with mentioning my favorite author.

“If you take life fairly easily, then you take a humorous view of things. …making the thing a sort of musical comedy without music, and ignoring real life altogether.”
PG Wodehouse

PG Wodehouse’s comic genius is something to aspire to; however, not all of us write comedies. What, then, is the point of adding a comic touch to our writing? Indeed, in that case, what is the purpose of this blog?


Spotlight: ‘A Dangerous Affair’ by Rubina Ramesh

She is a young girl of twenty who leads a well-protected life. But in 1947, when India is at the brink of getting her independence, who could remain innocent to death and loss? Charu is not spared either. Anger bubbles inside her, and she vows to avenge her loss. But to do so, she has to cross the path of Dev.

He is the privileged son of the zamindar. He enjoys being a spoilt brat and has a Cassanova image. But his good looks and charming smile hide some deep secrets. Will he be able to bare his heart to a young girl who was much beneath his status?

They meet, and they clash. Falling in love was in their destiny. But would the same destiny send Charu to face her death? Or will Dev be able to save her on time?


My Books with Pets – featured on Marcia James’ GoPets! blog

It may sound strange to some, but I include pets in my stories even though I am not myself a pet person. That’s because I adore people who keep pets and are good parents to them. My son has a cat named Billy, who is a rescue–and a very central member of his family. Billy, thrilled to be featured in A Christmas Conspiracy, is a vociferous supporter of my writing and pops up to endorse my books on Instagram and Twitter from time to time.

Meet the cutest, most self-assured #cats that are central characters in my stories The lovely Marcia James hosts two of my books-with-pets on her GoPets! Blog, and a third also features on it. Come meet Billy (see pic) and Tiger and learn more about their humans…