Meet Danvir Singh from ‘Satin and Sapphire’

Hi, Danvir, welcome to my blog. Glad you could find the time from wooing the gorgeous Latika from ‘Satin and Sapphire.’

Danvir: Yeah, well, she is something, isn’t she? I mean…you would know, you created her. Literally.

Me: Yes, I did, but people are swooning over you more than they are mooning over your love interest. Did you read the reviews?

Danvir: [shifts in his chair and blushes a bit] I did. One of them said: “This is the first story with a turbaned hero and I so fell in love with him.”

Me: Cool! So, how does that make you feel?

Danvir: Um…those are generous words coming from a seasoned reviewer of romance so, naturally, I’m flattered. Latika is most amused. She says I’m going to get a swollen head and then my turbans won’t fit.

Me: But a turban is just a long swathe of cloth that you wrap around—

Danvir: Exactly! She’ll figure it out soon enough. Our relationship is pretty new, as you well know, and we’re still finding out interesting stuff about each other.

Me: You two are clearly besotted, Danvir. Tell me something – did you notice that this story was hot but not blazing hot – like, it’s two flames hot? Did you care?

Danvir: [turns a swarthy pink, then grins at me] It was hard to miss, Reet. I mean, like the morning that I found her in that awful place, I was more than willing to kiss her senseless, and more besides, but you made her turn away. That was cruel. Left to ourselves—

Me: It was the first time you’d kissed her, Danvir. I couldn’t let you two make out so soon after you’d met, could I? In my considered opinion, you hardly knew her well enough to kiss her senseless.

Danvir: You shouldn’t have interfered. I might remind you that in ‘No Escape from Love’ Mohini and Aalok get…um…intimate really early in the story.

Me: Every story is different, Danvir.

Danvir: True – I just wish you’d chosen to amp up the heat level a bit, that’s all. You needn’t have changed the scene every time things got interesting, you know? I found that a bit distracting. I mean one minute she’s unbuttoning my kurta, and the next it’s morning. Cruel.

Me: [Sigh] I’m sorry about that. So, what’s next? Made any plans?

Danvir: Difficult to make plans when people keep interrupting to call one of us for interviews and stuff.

Me: Oh! Sorry again. So, is that where you’re going after this? To finish making plans?

Danvir: Not really. I left a gorgeous woman in my bed and I’m going back to her.

Me: Oops. Okay. Um…go then.

Danvir: Don’t interfere this time. Your story is done. You’re the boss until the Happily-Ever-After – after that it’s up to us.

Me: [Deep sigh] Okay. Sure. Just go already.

Also Me: I’m going to miss these two. Is it true that we should stay out of our characters’ lives once the HEA is achieved?

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