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Read-A-Romance Celebrates Diversity!



This month, we’re celebrating diversity & romance with 31 writers who represent a bright rainbow of color, culture, nationality, religion, ethnicity and orientation. 

Visit every day in January – you can see the full calendar of authors here –  to check in and show your appreciation for a variety of voices who’ll share their thoughts on the 2015 RARM theme, The Joy of Romance. Let’s celebrate love for everyone! xo


Reet Singh chose to post a lovely poem. Enjoy! xo

Joy in Everything

I find joy in the strangest of places….
……in the handsome head of hair, where
the curls provoke –
silver now,
but still they tempt!
And my fingers itch to wander;
now to tangle,
then to straighten
stubborn curls that kiss your nape –
the nape I snuggle in to
when I’m cold, or when I desperately need
to breathe the musky scent
warm off your skin.Joy

I find joy everywhere….
…… in the gentle rise and fall of your chest
as you lay asleep by me,
so close, and yet as far as your dreams can go
while I watch your lashes flutter,
and wonder if you’ll wake
if I snuggle into your side.
I do, creeping in so you don’t notice;
or perhaps you do,
because you throw your arm about me
and pull me closer
right next to your heart
where the even, beloved rhythm
is just the thing I’m seeking.

I find joy everyday….
…… in the wicked twinkle as you watch
me filch another forbidden sweet;
in the throaty chuckle
while you read out loud –
our mutual favorites –
Wodehouse, Seuss.
Or when you bring home
nothing but
your warm, comforting self;
your special brand
of quietude.
I find joy in everything, then.


Questions for Reet:

Tell us about a moment in your life when you experienced sheer joy. 

Gosh! This is harder than one would imagine. Hmm!  

I’m going to go with the one time I was not burning dinner, and the phone rang. It was from a friend. She and her husband had just returned from a sudden, undisclosed trip out of town. With choked emotion she disclosed that they had gone and gotten themselves a baby.

Read the rest of the interview on the RARM blog and don’t forget to leave me a comment…

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